The Lego Movie

Monday, April 14, 2014
The Lego Movie (2014)
 Animation / Adventure / Comedy (100 minutes) [12a]

Hollywood seems to be having an off day of late when it comes to creating a comedic buzz. The Lego Movie is an unexpected treat of good clean comedy at its very best for all to enjoy.

Warner Brothers and the Danish toy manufacturer show us how it’s done with this all star, fast paced, laugh a minute animation, which is filled with enough hilarious sequences to get even the most disengaged child rolling around with laughter.

There are far too many geeky and nostalgic one-liners to mention here without a major spoiler alert, but suffice to say, these give this film an extra edge to bring in the big kids too.

Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were charged with writing and directing this film following their success with movies such as Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street. They employ the same effective, borderline brutal editing style they demonstrated in 21 Jump Street at times, but also have the ability to squeeze comedy from the most unanticipated sequences. Imagination and visual awareness is not something that falls short here.

Chris Pratt plays the voice of lead character Emmet, the no frills construction worker Lego man that we all know so well. Emmet is believed to be ‘The Special’ from a prophecy read out by Lego Gandalf (Morgan Freeman). Emmet is believed to be the one to liberate the Lego world from the clutches of the aptly named President business who is at the top of the Lego pecking order controlling the lives and worlds of every Lego man or woman that you have ever known.

There are so many joyful surprises as the film progresses, not least the daring and quite brilliant ending. It is difficult to believe that a Lego movie with so many other corporate entities involved - could work so well, and be so thoroughly mad at the same time.

This is one film that will not disappoint. If one had to find fault, it would be with the occasional dull scene that is put to shame by copious amounts of genius and laughter elsewhere. The plot of this movie isn’t exactly hard-hitting or too adventurous, however this can be forgiven quite easily as it holds its own on so many other levels

Please be warned that this film does come with a health warning in the form of the annoyingly addictive ‘Awesome Song’, which is expected to linger long after you have left the cinema, especially if there are children present.


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