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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Her [2014]

Sci-Fi |Romance |Drama (126 min) [15]

Her tells an unconventional and quirky story in the not so distant future, which sees downhearted and lonely writer Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) dealing with life after the breakup of a long-time relationship. One day Theodore comes across an ad offering the world’s first artificial intelligent operating system which he decides to buy. Soon he finds himself captivated with the consciousness called Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) with whom he finds himself falling in love with. Samantha evolves every day, becoming seemingly more human and helping Theodore in ways others have failed. However the unorthodox relationship soon has Theodore feeling slightly foolish at having fallen for a computer and how he must appear to everybody else.

The movie plays like many other rom-coms, with the ups and downs of relationships, the lovers tiffs and heartbreak, albeit between a computer and man. However the flirtatious voice of Johansson has the viewer forgetting that she is indeed artificial and buying into the idea that this is a normal relationship just like any other. Phoenix brings a gentleness and humour to Theodore, which makes him a very affable character, which is important considering he is in nearly every scene.

Her is a sad, clever and original story that is a must see for any movie-goer. Although the storyline may seem strange, it’s a beautifully told and flawless film with the most believable love story you are probably to see on screen this year. Director Spike Jonze has created a superb movie with gorgeous scene after scene, which interwoven with a sci-fi element, has successfully created a compelling story with two very complex characters. Make sure to have an open mind when seeing this movie and you are definitely going to be blow away by its originality.

5/5 stars

Joshua Williams (Head Reviewer)



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